・Urban Network Will create and make new value

wold wide
wold wide

●In pursuit of new value, We will continue always suggesting it to a domestic outside client.


●We received an order from a client in the world, to customize, we have suggestions.   Committed to speedy response always thinking one step ahead of the product development, to promote not only the logistics.


●The pursuit of new value always, we will continue to propose to clients inside and outside the country. We will create value without being bound by conventional concepts, was in changing times.



・  ENGLISH  Company Out Line





  •  Pearls Exporting (Akoya ,South Sea,Tahiti Sea)

 Export to overseas wholesaler,Jewelry maker

 Exhibiting  World Major Jewerly Fair    (Asia、USA、EUROPE)


 Exhibition Scedule



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 Car sales

  • Used Car Exporting
  • Car Parts Exporting
  • Consulting for each country customer
  • Licence  Hyogo public safty No.631379500066



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